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Fashion Agency Golzheim.


In a Düsseldorf fashion agency, the wall surfaces were finished with a mineral plaster, Stone. The special feature in the mineral surface are small pebbles. These are exposed with diamond grinding wheels. The character of the surface is a symbiosis of natural stone and concrete.

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Floor design.

Parquet & Flooring Preparation.

Parquet is a popular floor covering known for its beauty, durability and naturalness. But to realize the full potential of parquet, it is important that it is properly installed and maintained.

Unsere erfahrenen Parkettleger sind darauf spezialisiert, jeden Parkettboden mit höchster Präzision und Sorgfalt zu verlegen, um ein perfektes Ergebnis zu erzielen. Ob Sie einen neuen Parkettboden benötigen oder Ihren bestehenden Boden renovieren möchten, wir bieten Ihnen eine professionelle und zuverlässige Dienstleistung.

In addition to hardwood floor installation, we also offer hardwood floor refinishing, which helps make your hardwood floor more durable, long-lasting and beautiful looking. This includes cleaning, repairing, refinishing and sealing your hardwood floor.

With our first-class parquet installation and preparation service, you can be sure that your floor will shine in new splendor.


Experience the luxurious quality and exceptional comfort of our premium carpeting! Our exclusive carpets are not only eye-catching, but also offer excellent impact sound insulation and thermal insulation. With our carpets you create a pleasant living ambience that invites you to feel good. Thanks to the high quality and durability of our carpets, you will enjoy your new flooring for many years. Our experienced floor technicians install the carpet professionally and cleanly - so you can enjoy a new living feeling in no time.

Facade design.

However, in addition to aesthetic values, functionality and durability also play a decisive role in the value of a facade.

Facade coating.

With high-quality coating materials, we offer a wide range of individual design options and optimum protection for your facade.

The variations of a facade surface to be designed can be smooth or rough. Their coloration can be light or dark, strong or weak, and have the most diverse color directions.

For renovation and repainting, we will provide you with competent assistance.

Facade renovation.

A facade serves on the one hand as a protective shield for your house and on the other hand as a business card for your property.

Facades can be damaged to such an extent that they can no longer be kept intact with a normal coat of paint. This can be the case, for example, if the old paint or plaster is no longer load-bearing or if there are various cracks in the facade. Then one speaks of a facade in need of renovation, whereby the need for renovation must be addressed individually.

We offer you partial to complete renovations. We will be happy to show you on site what damage is present on your facade and what measures should be taken for long-term protection.

Wood preservation.

Wood lives and works. No other material is as versatile as wood.

Wooden components such as facade cladding, roof soffits or wooden windows must be protected, especially outdoors, as they are damaged by the effects of wind and weather such as UV radiation, extreme temperatures, humidity and biological factors such as fungal and insect attack.

Historic Preservation.

Monuments are buildings that have a special value and are therefore considered worthy of protection. The protection can be structural or artistic.  Also, the building may have a special value for the history or politics of a city, so that it is placed under monument protection.

These objects cannot simply be reworked. Painting systems as well as color shades can be specified by the monument authority and must be clarified in advance.

We will be happy to advise you on the implementation of monument preservation.

Color design.

For our consulting and implementation of color designs, we rely on the collections of recognized, high-quality manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Flamant, Brillux, Caparol and the mineral paint company Keim.

Le Corbusier Polychromie architecturale.

poLyChro®-intérieur by KEIM is the genuine Le Corbusier color.

A particularly high-quality, velvety-matte and color-tone-intensive mineral-based interior paint, exclusively manufactured in the 63 unique shades of the color keyboards of the master Le Corbusier and quality-controlled according to the guidelines of Les Couleurs Suisse AG as representative of the Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris. Colors full of life, enormously intense and yet restrainedly elegant. The water glass binder used by KEIM is transparent and allows light rays to strike the colorful, inorganic pigments unhindered, reflecting them crystalline at a specific angle and thus coloring the material. The result is unrivaled color depth combined with a velvety surface effect. The hue becomes the body of color. This architectural approach is tailor-made for Le Corbusier's color keyboards.

Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball has been producing paint in Dorset, England, since 1946 and is one of the few companies to produce a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes of the highest quality.

The depth and beauty of Farrow & Ball colors is unmatched. Farrow & Ball uses high quality pigments and resins and not inferior "fillers". This gives Farrow & Ball colors a recognizably greater depth and purity, often referred to as the "Farrow & Ball Look." Unlike many other manufacturers, Farrow & Ball uses natural pigments, such as umber in its purest form, and other natural ingredients, such as chalk, lime paste, linseed oil and kaolin.

The color accuracy and quality is considered unsurpassed, in part because the colors are made exclusively at the parent plant in Dorset. The colors and finishes are historically rooted, carefully researched and reflect a unique history.

Little Greene.

Since 1773, the traditional company Little Greene produces its quality paints. From materials and according to recipes as they were centuries ago. And you can see the difference from synthetically manufactured products.

Little Greene colors are of unprecedented color depth. They contain over 40% more pigments than the products of conventional suppliers. In addition, the colors are durable and are manufactured with respect for the environment.

Brillux Scala.

Brillux Scala offers a spectrum of 1,514 color shades that have been carefully selected according to practical aspects.

Color areas that are only used to a limited extent in the planning design were deliberately reduced.

Important color tone groups, on the other hand, such as blue, yellow and orange, as well as gray, white and pastel tones, form their own extended color tone families in Scala, which were not previously available to this extent.

Due to the Brillux Scala coding, each color tone is precisely determined. It is available in many product qualities via the Brillux color system.

The representation of the color tones in Brillux Scala is based on the standards of colorimetry - but this has been modified according to perception. As a result, the Scala color space develops very evenly through all spectral ranges. This makes designing with the Scala color planning system particularly easy and safe. 

Room design.

Painting work.

We offer the full range of painting services.

Whether new construction, refurbishment or renovation, painting of all kinds in the interior is our core competence.

The interplay of materials, light and colors gives your rooms charm and character. With a large selection of color tones, we design your rooms entirely according to your personal wishes.

Leather Wall & Floor.

ALPHENBERG LEATHER is a producer of leather floors, leather walls and leather for furniture and stands for exclusive interior design. The leather collection shows leather in its original form. Whether oiled or waxed, genuine full leather in natural look and feel. Leather is considered one of the most comfortable floor and wall coverings in the world and can also be combined with underfloor heating installed underneath. ALPHENBERG LEATHER is robust, easy to clean, warm, lightfast and meets the highest fire protection standards, B1. The 2-3 mm thick leather tiles are available in various formats and can be used in a wide variety of areas such as restaurants, bars, hotels, beauty spas, private homes, yachts and many more.

Lacquer work.

Varnishes and glazes bring color into life. They refine surfaces, ensure the functionality of various objects and play a more important role as a design tool.


Modern coatings therefore have a dual function today. They protect and beautify at the same time. These can be colorless, glazing, but also color-covering coatings that have a glossy, silk-matte or matte gloss level.


We carry out all interior and exterior painting work, matched to the respective substrate. Whether on wood of various types, steel, iron, plastic, aluminum, copper or mineral substrates.

Trims & Profiles.

The perfect wall design is completed only with stucco elements.

Trims and profiles are room embellishments of a very special kind. They give the room a special style and leave a noble impression.

Trim and profiles can also be arranged as indirect lighting. This aesthetically accentuates walls and ceilings. A targeted play of light and shadow.

We offer you a large collection of different models. From the simple design to the richly decorated and lovingly crafted reliefs.

Glazing techniques.

Glazes impress with their incomparably lively character.

There are no limits to the artistic design possibilities of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

The creative variations in intensity and colorfulness are almost inexhaustible. It can be glazed tone-in-tone or multicolored, or it can be worked in combination with one of the numerous glazing techniques.

By applying a slightly transparent layer of color, the glazing technique unfolds an individual depth effect. Several layers of glaze applied on top of each other increase the color depth and effect even more.

The effects of a glaze cannot be achieved with an opaque coating. Glazing can be applied to textured or smooth surfaces, with each substrate achieving a different surface effect.

Glazes can appear matte or glossy.

With the glazing technique, you have a great many different glazing binders at your disposal. The type of materials to be used depends on the substrate and the desired effect.


Wallpapers are much more than just decorations. They are a design element that changes rooms, creates style and sets accents.

Rooms equipped with wall coverings, immediately acquire a special and original character. We design the interior with wallpaper for the highest demands.

Horizontal and vertical module combinations in a wide range of color variations enable wall creations beyond the beaten design path. The design variants are almost inexhaustible.

We will be happy to advise you on how to set new accents in interior design with paper, satin, textured profile, textile, natural material, metal and paintable wallpapers.

Mineral surfaces.

Lime marble plasters.

Lime marble plaster was used for building in historical centers many thousands of years ago and has been considered a primeval material of master builders since ancient times.

The production of lime mamor plaster still remains the same. Limestone is burned in a lime kiln at approx. 1000 degrees. This produces quicklime (calcium oxide). Afterwards it is slaked with water. The result is slaked lime (calcium hydroxide), which with its variety of different pigments, the fineness and color of the additives, such as granules, marble flours, brick flours, sands, as well as the different application techniques, also through combinations with each other, offers an almost unmanageable amount of design possibilities.

With our color dosing machine we can tint all our marble lime plasters according to all common color charts and also create invididual recipes.

Your personal formulations are stored in our database for you, so you can access these shades at any time.

Clay plasters.

The processing of clay plaster is one of the oldest building techniques of mankind. Since the end of the 20th century, more and more architects and builders became aware of the natural building material clay.

Clay plaster is the oldest building material in the world, over centuries the construction properties such as durability, resistance and high quality have been proven. Today, clay plaster offers an extensive range of modern interior design options in a wide variety of variations. Clay consists of clay, silt, sand, fine plant fibers and cellulose. Its ecological and building biology values are also eminent. Clay has moisture-absorbing properties, its clay minerals absorb the air moisture in large masses and release it again with a time delay. This regulates the indoor climate in a natural way.

Additional properties of clay are high diffusivity, it binds pollutants from the air, it has antibacterial effect and is thermoregulating.

Clay plaster creates a unique, unmistakable character due to its cloth mat surface.

A special surface effect can be achieved by mixing various natural additives such as, straw fibers, herbs, grasses, sisal fibers, shell limestone and red granite. We also offer a wide range of color shades obtained from pure natural earth pigments.


Tadelakt is an ancient Moroccan lime plaster technique in which the surface is polished and compacted with agate stones. This creates fascinating, slightly wavy, naturally shiny surfaces. Tadelakt means, from the Arabic derived word "dellek", translated "knead, rub in".


Tadelakt is a purely mineral lime plaster. It is obtained from a natural, highly hydraulic lime rock. Depending on the incidence of light, tadelakt has a different iridescent color effect and its surface looks different every time. This gives it its noble and unique charm, to which more and more people are succumbing.


The natural color of the Tadelakt is gray-beige. The plaster can be tinted with lime-proof pigments based on iron oxide, thus opening up wide-ranging, individual composition possibilities in terms of shape and color. A final treatment with a black olive oil soap, which reacts chemically with the lime to form an alkaline soap suds, makes the Tadelakt surface water-repellent. However, it remains open to diffusion. It is therefore ideal for use in wet areas. Due to its high alkalinity, no harmful mold can form. The Tadelakt has an antibacterial effect.

Fresco painting.

Fresco painting is a form of wall and ceiling painting.

In this painting, lime-fast color pigments sumped into lime sinter water are painted onto the not yet set, moist, lime plaster surface. When the lime plaster dries, the pigment carbonates with the plaster and combines to form a surface.

We offer a wide range of motifs and sizes.


This surface delights with the almost mistakable likeness of pure concrete, making your walls look as if they were cast from concrete.

The application thickness for this surface is approx. 3-4 mm and can be applied to any load-bearing substrate. The new wall covering is ideal for stores, hotels, restaurants or wellness areas, but also for the private living room wall or fireplace covering. Each wall is unique. The exposed concrete dries quickly and, depending on the layer thickness, can be loaded after a maximum of 12 hours and is completely dry after a maximum of 24 hours.

Be inspired by the cool, puristic and "loft-like" flair of exposed concrete.